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All dialysis treatments can be safe and effective. What’s really important is exploring all of your options and choosing a treatment type you’re comfortable with. In-center dialysis offers the reassurance of staff-assisted treatment, labs and checkups all in one place—in the company of others going through the same thing. To make an informed decision on what’s right for you, explore all of the dialysis options.
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Your Hemodialysis Treatment Team

Today, the whole process of treatment for end stage renal disease (ESRD) is a carefully orchestrated team effort relying on the skills of many specialists and most importantly, the effort and input of you—the person receiving dialysis.

Working with you every step of the way

When you choose in-center hemodialysis, you’ll have a treatment team of trained experts working with you. At each step of your care plan, your team will administer and monitor your treatment and answer any questions you may have. They’ll also listen thoughtfully to your suggestions or concerns and help you take an active role in your own care.

But most of all, they’ll make you feel like you’re the most important part of the team. Because, the fact is, you are.

Meet your hemodialysis treatment team

Fresenius Hemodialysis Center


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Nephrology Kidney Doctor

Your nephrologist (kidney doctor)

When the time comes to go on dialysis, your nephrologist (kidney doctor) will order the specifics of your dialysis treatment and prescribe any medication you may need. He or she will also carefully monitor your progress during treatment and make any necessary adjustments. 
Hemodialysis Clinical Manager

Your clinical manager

Your clinical manager is a registered nurse (RN) in charge of the dialysis center. He or she supervises all of your treatment team members and ensures that you are getting the care you need.
hemodialysis nurse

Your dialysis nurse

Your dialysis nurse supervises your in-center hemodialysis treatment as prescribed by your nephrologist and works closely with your patient care technician (PCT) to administer your treatment. If you have questions about your treatment or lab results, your nurse can be a great resource of knowledge.
Hemodialysis Patient Care Technician

Your patient care technician

From the moment you walk into the center to the time you leave, your PCT will be with you nearly every step of the way. Working under the direction of your nurse, he or she will help administer your dialysis treatment and make sure you have everything you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
Hemodialysis Social Worker

Your social worker

Learning how to manage your life with dialysis can be overwhelming at first, but it is still possible to thrive. Your social worker can help you with insurance, work, travel and financial concernsand even refer you to dialysis support groups that can help you cope with the emotional ups and downs that come with life with ESRD. 
Hemodialysis Dietitian

Your dietitian

While it’s always important to make healthy food choices, you’ll need to make some specific choices that are good for your kidneys and help with the process of dialysis. Your renal (kidney) dietitian will develop a customized meal plan that is gentle on your kidneys and provides the key nutrients your body needs. You may be surprised to find out just how delicious your new meal plan can be. Check out these tasty recipes by Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr.!
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