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If you think eating right is bland and uninteresting, think again. There are dozens of boldly flavored breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas that are bound to surprise you. And snacks are still on the menu between meals. Done right, made with fresh ingredients bursting with flavor, all your meals and snacks can be as tasty as they are kidney-friendly.

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Snacks & Beverages

Are you craving savory or sweet? Here are snack and beverage recipes that will satisfy you.


Snacks don’t have to be avoided—they just have to be smart. Some snack ideas:

  • Skip the salty chips and choose salt-free popcorn or salt-free pretzels. 
  • Look for something slightly sweet. Graham crackers or animal crackers aren’t just for kids.
  • Go berry delicious: strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are all kidney-friendly.
  • Pump up snack time with protein: try low-salt deviled eggs, tuna salad, or shrimp with pasta.

Whether you’re planning a Super Bowl party or just want a delicious, savory snack, Chef McCargo, Jr.'s Buffalo Chicken Meatballs win fans every time.


Have a sweet tooth? Chef McCargo's Chocolate Smoothie is delicious and easy to make. With a blender and a handful of ingredients, you can put hunger on hold in no time at all. Yum. 

Not too spicy for your mama chipotle wings wide enlarged

Not-Too-Spicy-For-Your-Mama Chipotle Wings

Tasty, yes, but not too spicy. Just what’s in Chef McCargo Jr.'s sauce? Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, honey, butter, black pepper and chives. Oooh, Mama!
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Very Berry Bread Pudding

What makes this easy-to-make bread pudding so berry delicious? A tasty medley of mixed berries combined with warm spice notes of orange zest, cinnamon and vanilla.

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