Managing Your
Kidney Diet

Living with kidney disease likely means changing some of your basic ideas about food and nutrition. To help you stay as healthy as possible, you may have to focus on what you eat and drink in a whole new way. The good news? Different doesn’t have to be daunting. Plus, taking control of what you eat—and how much—can really impact your overall health.
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Shopping gets easier with a list of kidney-friendly foods to choose.
Foods to Choose for ESRD

Talking With Your Dietitian: Your Nutrition Expert

Along with your doctor, your renal dietitian (renal refers to kidney) is the most important person guiding your nutritional health. Dietitians are registered with the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and have special training and work experience to help people living with chronic kidney disease. 

Take the time to talk openly with your dietitian about your eating habits and wishes. They’re not there to tell you what you can’t have. They want to help you have foods you enjoy—and stay healthy. The role of your renal dietitian is to review your labs, understand your dietary needs and create a meal plan that shows you all the wonderful, smart options that are still on the table. 


How? Speak with your dietitian regularly.

Fresenius Kidney Care Dietician

Dietitians are not the food police

If you're having trouble sticking with your meal plan or have indulged a bit too much by eating certain foods, tell your dietitian. He or she is there to support you and adjust things so you find it easier to stay on course. Your success is their success, too.


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