Tasty Snacks & Beverages for Dialysis Diets

Are you craving savory or sweet? Here are some delicious snack and beverage recipes that will satisfy you every time. Looking for something easy? Our snack tips can help you make healthy choices.

Choosing the perfect snack

Snacks don’t have to be avoided—they just have to be smart. Some snack tips:

  • Skip the salty chips and choose salt-free popcorn or salt-free pretzels.
  • Look for something slightly sweet? Graham crackers or animal crackers aren’t just for kids.
  • Go berry delicious: strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are all kidney-friendly.
  • Pump up snack time with protein: Try low-salt deviled eggs, tuna salad, or shrimp with pasta.


Looking for cooking inspiration? Find delicious, kidney-friendly recipes in our downloadable cookbook collection.

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