Your Mobile Rounding App 
Now Includes Easy 
Order Signing

Accessing patient data is now as mobile as you are while rounding. My eCube Rounder™ provides you with the freedom to view patient data, receive alerts about patients, sign orders, and track patient interactions through basic note creation anywhere.1

The app, designed and developed with input from nephrologists like you, enhances the rounding workflow and efficiency— leaving more time for patient engagement.


The app that provides a better rounding experience for nephrologists.

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Access All Patients

Quickly access your patients by clinic, day or coverage list. As you’re rounding, your patient’s critical information can be accessed at the touch of a finger.

Create Basic Notes

Whether accessing a patient's history or entering new information, minimal touch points are needed to bring you to information, and create the notes you need.

View Treatments & Labs

Drag and drop any at-a-glance section into the center frames for more detailed information. Easily toggle between different report views in treatment history and labs. 

My eCube Rounder Orders

Sign Patient Orders

Review and sign orders for patients as you're rounding. Whether viewing your orders to be signed per patient or per clinic, easily swipe to sign the orders you select.


“Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never go back.”

—Dr. Gary Singer, Medical Director,
St. Charles, MO
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