FreseniusRx: Delivering more good days

At FreseniusRx, we believe you deserve more. So we make it easier for you to get the right medication you need when you need it—and we also help you monitor and manage your kidney prescriptions.
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Specially trained pharmacists

FreseniusRx pharmacists are renal pharmacists who are specially trained to manage kidney medications and are a critical part of your care team. They work closely with you, your doctors, dietitians, nurses, patient care technicians, and family members to improve and simplify your medication needs. They’ll also speak with you and your doctor about your prescription changes and make sure your medications are always up to date.
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Easy prescription fills and refills

FreseniusRx ships your kidney and dialysis medications directly to your dialysis center or your home, where allowed by state law, making it more convenient and easier for you to stay on schedule with your meds.

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Convenient payment options

The cost of your medication depends on your insurance coverage. However FreseniusRx can assist you in reviewing other programs that may be available to you, and also offers a monthly billing option and other payment plans. 
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“There for you” 24/7 

Got a question? Rest assured that whenever you call, FreseniusRx will provide you with an answer. Speak another language? No problem. FreseniusRx uses over-the-phone translation technology in more than 200 languages.