Starting Your Patients on Home Dialysis

As the worldwide leader in the treatment of renal disease, with over 1,100 home therapy dialysis centers across the country, we are ready to help your patients thrive with home therapy. Upon referral of your patients to Fresenius Kidney Care, our Kidney Care Advocates and Home Therapy Nurses are available to provide your patients with home visits, training and education, coordination for access site surgery and more.

Home dialysis for better outcomes

With home dialysis, your patients have greater flexibility and may be less restricted by diet, require fewer medications and experience reduced hospitalization—so they can stay their healthiest and feel their best.

Whether your patients are about to start dialysis—or already receive treatment in a hospital or center—it’s important for them to know they have the option of taking more control of their health and can do treatment in the comfort of their home. In fact, many experts agree that home dialysis—either peritoneal or hemodialysis—is the best option for treating kidney failure whenever possible.

Give your patients the same freedom and flexibility you would choose for yourself.

*Source: Nephrology News and Issues, September 2010

Give your patients the choice of home dialysis

Like you, we want to see your patients thrive on dialysis. That’s why it’s important to hear from your patients, ask questions and learn about what’s most important to them to determine how they may be most successful on dialysis.

Use our Treatment Decision Guide to support a conversation with your patients. Together, you can discuss which treatment best fits their lifestyle.

Home Dialysis Therapies: Q&A with Dr. Dinesh Chatoth

Dr. Dinesh Chatoth, Associate Chief Medical Officer for Fresenius Kidney Care, discusses the benefits of home dialysis and how to help patients make informed choices.

Help your patients choose a home modality option

For patients to be most successful with their treatment, it’s important to select a modality that best aligns with their values and lifestyle. A transplant is always the best modality choice for your patients. While waiting, start your patients on home dialysis.

  • Start with peritoneal dialysis (PD) to preserve residual kidney function when possible.
  • For those patients on PD, lab results can help predict when it’s time for your patients to transition off PD./li>
  • Transition to or start home hemodialysis (HHD) when a patient has little to no residual kidney function. Now, some patients may be able to do HHD without a care partner.

Fresenius Kidney Care’s team of home therapy nurses and Kidney Care Advocates are here to help your patients start on a home therapy modality. We’re committed to supporting your patients as they make the transition to receiving treatment in the comfort of their own home.

Personalized Dialysis For Your Patients

Dr. Arvind Garg, MD, a nephrologist at Fresenius Kidney Care, talks about the need for personalized home dialysis options to meet patients’ needs.

Watch Dr. Garg

Home patients are
34% more satisfied
with their care than in-center patients.

Source: 2017 Fresenius Kidney Care Patient Satisfaction Survey

Watch as Dr. Harry Giles, MD, a nephrologist at Fresenius Kidney Care, talks about the many factors that can make patients a good fit for home dialysis.

Supporting your patients on home therapy

Our care teams are here to support your patients as they make the transition to life on dialysis. We have the programs and resources in place to help your patients find the modality that’s best for them, while also providing the support they need to thrive on home dialysis.

KidneyCare:365—We provide classes to educate your patients on the different treatment options available to them (including home therapy), eating well with CKD, and living their healthiest life. Register your patients for KidneyCare:365 today.

Training for dialysis—We train your patients and their care partners (if applicable) to prepare their home, maintain their access site, set up their treatment site (including the dialysis machine) and administer treatment.

Navigating Dialysis: Days 1-90—This robust patient education program, provided by our care team, gives bite-sized pieces of information to your patients over their first 90 days to keep them their healthiest.

24/7 on-call nursing—Your patients are given access to our 24/7 nurse line for support any time, day or night.

Daily monitoring—Our portal gives your patients the ability to enter their flowsheet information and view their vitals and labs, allowing them to be active participants in their care while giving our nurses daily visibility into your patients’ health even when they’re not in our center.

Ongoing education—We offer continued education and refresher training to your patients to keep them their healthiest and reduce hospitalizations.

Community and connection—Our patient community and social channels allow patients to engage with others to learn more, find support and share experiences.


For more information on prescribing home dialysis or help referring your patients to home, speak to your Kidney Care Advocate or Home Therapy Program Manager.

Refer your patients today. For more information, call:

1-866-4DIALYSIS (866-434-2597)


Early education is associated with lower mortality rates in the first 120 days on dialysis.*

*Includes patients who started dialysis in an outpatient setting with similar results for patients starting in an inpatient setting.


Fresenius Kidney Care offers a wealth of information and resources to help your patients thrive with kidney disease—and to support our common goal of better health outcomes.