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Fresenius Provides Care for Dialysis Patients Affected by Storms

Company’s Efforts Ensure Life-Sustaining Treatments During Active Storm Season

WALTHAM, Mass. – Feb. 18, 2014 – Just hours after Winter Storm Pax moved out of the U.S. Southern, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states last week, leaving behind a trail of storm damage, stranded travelers and nearly 800,000 homes and businesses without power, Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), the nation’s leading network of dialysis facilities, resumed treatment for more than 15,000 patients at its 270 dialysis clinics in the affected area.

Whenever hurricanes, winter storms or other natural disasters strike, FMCNA takes extraordinary measures to help meet the health care needs of kidney dialysis patients – who require treatment every two to three days to stay alive and healthy.  This is especially important during active weather patterns, as the U.S. has experienced this winter season.

"Our disaster preparedness strategies are increasingly being tested as weather patterns occur with increasing variety and complexity across the country. We are constantly being challenged to meet the demands of our patients, employees and the ERSD community stakeholders during these weather related disruptions,” said Babajide Salako, M.D., director of operations support and global disaster planning.

Ahead of Winter Storm Pax, the company activated the Fresenius Medical Care Disaster Response Team and emergency hotline. Many patients were dialyzed in advance of the storm, and after the storm, FMCNA and its partners immediately began implementing plans to deliver generators, fuel, bottled water and meals to facilities and employees affected by the storm.  As an integrated provider of dialysis services and products, FMCNA’s vascular access centers, laboratory, pharmacy and affiliated hospitals and nephrology practices, provide renal services to hundreds of thousands of people in North America.

Throughout the event, the Fresenius Medical Care Disaster Response Team, assisted by divisional, technical and regional employees, worked with the Kidney Community Emergency Response (KCER) Coalition and local ESRD networks to prepare for and respond to Winter Storm Pax.

FMCNA’s natural disaster response plan has been tested and validated many times in recent years, from Hurricanes Ike and Katrina to last year’s storms, tornados and floods.

For more information on FMCNA’s natural disaster response efforts and important tips to help patients prepare for any emergency, visit FMCNA’s Emergency Preparedness website.

About Fresenius Medical Care

Through our leading network of more than 2,150 dialysis facilities in North America and our vascular access centers, laboratory, pharmacy and affiliated hospitals and nephrology practices, Fresenius Medical Care provides renal services to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. We are also the continent’s top producer of dialysis equipment, dialyzers and related disposable products and a major supplier of renal pharmaceuticals.

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