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Thrive On
Live a healthy life and spend time with loved ones.

Staying Healthy So 
You Can Thrive

Did you know that a healthy lifestyle can help make your dialysis treatments more effective? It’s true. Plus, feeling better means being able to do more—and enjoy more. Taking simple steps to eat healthy, get exercise and manage your weight can help you achieve your best health on dialysis.

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How can I find time to stay healthy?

When you’re on dialysis, it may seem like your schedule revolves around treatment. Dialysis treatments do take up time and it’s important that you stay on schedule and complete your full treatment each session. Actively planning your time to include fun hobbies and exercise on your calendar can help ensure that you can fit your priorities in each week.


Taking steps to avoid infection

When you’re on dialysis, avoiding infection of any kind is key to managing your overall health. Be your own advocate and look out for your best health in every way you can.:

  1. Follow the steps to proper care for home peritoneal dialysis access care and treatment, home hemodialysis access care and treatment or in-center dialysis preparation and treatment.
  2. Talk to your care team about getting vaccinated to avoid the flu or pneumonia.
  3. Learn proper handwashing techniques to help prevent the spread of bacteria and germs that lead to infection.


Managing more than 1 health condition

If you’re also treating anther health condition, talk to your care team about managing multiple conditions to understand what you need to be aware of and monitor. Your doctor and nurses will want to know about any medication changes or new prescriptions, symptoms you may be experiencing and any new diagnoses.

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Handwashing helps prevent infection
Keeping your hands clean can help you stay healthy and avoid infection. Our printable instructions for handwashing are a good reminder of the proper technique taught by your nurse.
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