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Thrive On
Couple enjoying their lives while on dialysis.

Focusing On Your
Emotional Health

Looking after your personal well-being while on dialysis isn’t always the top priority—especially when you’re new to dialysis and learning to balance life and treatment. Devoting some energy toward focusing on your emotions and your self-image as well as your physical health can help you truly feel your best.

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Couple enjoying their life and dancing.

How can i achieve a good quality of life on dialysis?

Asking yourself what’s more important can be a good place to start. Finding ways to look after yourself emotionally and spiritually while keeping up with the things you like to do can help you maintain a fulfilling lifestyle that’s built around more than treatment. While dialysis is always a priority, so is personal satisfaction.

Women supporting each other.

Get support when you need it

It’s natural to experience a range of feelings about going on dialysis and maintaining treatment, so learning ways to manage your emotions and build a solid support system is important to achieving the dialysis quality of life you want. Your relationships with family and friends can give you strength through the ups and downs. Good communication about what you’re going through will be key.

Woman putting herself first.

Putting you first

Just as you are the most important person on your care team, you’re also the most impactful person in creating a fulfilling life on dialysis. Give yourself time to find what works for you personally. Evaluate your feelings along the way and make changes when you need to. Remember that you’re not alone—your care team is here for you.

Get to know your care team

Your care team is the group of people—doctors, nurses, dietitian, insurance coordinator and social worker—who will be there every step of the way on dialysis. Reach out for help when you need it.

Meet your team
Learn ways to cope

Discover approaches to handle your emotions. These suggestions can help you take a positive step when you’re not sure what to do next.

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