Living With Kidney Disease and Thriving On Dialysis

Thriving on dialysis means knowing that your emotional well-being is just as important as your physical well-being.

By staying true to your passions and goals—as well as taking care of your physical health—you’ll have your best dialysis experience. See how to thrive.

Personal life

From intimacy and sex to dealing with emotional ups and downs—and even talking about dialysis with friends and family—they’re all part of your emotional and personal health.
Personal life essentials

Staying active

Find meaning through work, volunteering or diving into a hobby. A purposeful life is a richer one. 

How goals give you purpose

Staying healthy

Staying healthy on dialysis means more than just exercise—it means staying infection-free and maybe juggling other conditions, too.

Get tips and tools

Need dialysis, can travel

Whatever type of dialysis you are on, vacation or business travel simply takes some planning.

Plan your getaway

Tips for loved ones

Practical tips and tools to help you support your loved one emotionally and physically, as well as tips to help you take care of yourself

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Learn how to feel your best and thrive on dialysis. Choose the class format that fits your life—educator-led or self-guided.
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