Meet Sam

Sam was a 19-year-old college soccer star when he was diagnosed with kidney failure and told he needed dialysis. At the time, he felt he’d lost all control. Several years later, a nurse suggested home hemodialysis—and Sam went for it. He shares how empowered he became, how he got back to a lifestyle he loves and how he became a transplant recipient after years of home dialysis.

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Meet Ron – Transplant Recipient

Ron is a beloved music educator and father who was thriving on in-center dialysis before receiving a kidney transplant in 2018—from his daughter...

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Meet Gloria

Meet Gloria of Jacksonville, Florida, who is living her life to the fullest despite her diagnoses of diabetes and kidney failure. See how she has adjusted...

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Meet Chris

Can people on dialysis travel? Avid hiker and camper Chris Greene's story leaves you with a resounding yes. While Chris’ diagnosis came out...

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