My Fresenius Kidney Care Portal

Now there’s a quicker and easier way to manage your kidney health with an online personal Portal. Not only will you be able to log your daily treatment data, you’ll be able to see trends in your kidney health in a snapshot. That means you can work with your care team more closely than ever for better health outcomes.
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example of Fresenius kidney lab results

View your lab results anytime

Every day, your lab results, vitals and goal ranges are at your fingertips—no more waiting for monthly visits. Simply designed displays make it easy for you to be more involved in your own care.
Manage dialysis supplies

Track your supply order and plan ahead

Managing supplies has never been simpler. Now you can view your supply order, check delivery status and see a 3-month order history. Plus, we'll let you know your delivery time 2 days in advance.
dialysis flow sheet

Say goodbye to paper flow sheets

Do your daily flow sheets on your computer, tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere. It’s fast for you—and your data will be automatically sent to your nurse and care team for review.
Fresenius Kidney Care Portal mobile app

Use the mobile app for health info on the go

Access your health information anytime you need it. Or log your at-home treatment info right into your mobile device. Use the fingerprint log-in feature for fast, easy access.
Use the Fresenius Kidney Care Portal to discuss care with treatment team

Connect more with your care team

With shared, anytime access, you and your care team can easily check your progress, discuss any concerns and address possible issues before your monthly visit.


Knowing your stats can help you make healthier choices and ultimately enjoy more
of what you love.
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