Kidney Disease and Dialysis Links

There are many resources available to help you learn more about chronic kidney disease (CKD) and CKD treatment options, as well as other health conditions related to CKD. Here’s a list to get you started.

Resources for kidney health and treatment information

Associations & Foundations:

American Association of Kidney Patients

Kidney and Urology Foundation of America (KUA)

National Kidney Foundation

Advocacy Groups for Personal Rights:

Dialysis Patient Citizens

End Stage Renal Disease Networks

Education & Information:

Home Dialysis Central

Indian Health Service (IHS) – Information living with CKD

Kidney Patient News

Kidney School

National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP)

Renal Support Network

Resources for related health conditions

American Diabetes Association

American Heart Association – Diabetes information

American Heart Association – High blood pressure information

Kidney transplant

Matching Donors Searchable Registry of Living Organ Donors

National Institutes of Health – Kidney transplant information

National Kidney Foundation – Overview of kidney transplants

Transplant Living – Tips for before and after a transplant

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) – Information on organ donation and matching

Diet and nutrition

National Kidney Foundation – Nutrition information and recipes

National Kidney and Urologic Disease Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC) – Nutrition tips for people on dialysis

Resources for employment and disability

Associations & Foundations

National Kidney Foundation – Guide to working while living with CKD

Education & Information

Life Options – Guide to working while living with CKD

Government Websites

US Social Security Administration – Ticket to Work information

Social Security Administration – Guide to employment support while working with disabilities

Vocational Rehabilitation State Offices – Information on employment opportunities for people with disabilities

Resources for finances and insurance

Associations & Foundations

American Kidney Fund – Programs for people living with CKD

Kidney and Urology Foundation of America (KUF) – Scholarships for people living with kidney disease

National Kidney Foundation – Information on insurance coverage and CKD

National Kidney Foundation – Information on CKD prescription coverage

National Kidney Foundation – Information on financial resources

Education & Information

Health Insurance Resource Center – Information on health insurance and high-risk pools

Kidney Medicare Drugs Awareness and Education Initiative – Guide to drug coverage

Government Websites

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – Information on Medicare and Medicaid benefits

ChampVA (Veterans’ Administration) – Overview of health benefits for veterans living with CKD

Medicare – Information on Medicare coverage of kidney dialysis and transplants

National Council on Aging – Information on benefit programs to help qualifying people pay for medications

Social Security Administration – Information on Medicare coverage for people with ESRD

TRICARE – Health program for military members

US Department of Veterans Affairs – Health benefits for veterans

Resources for travel

Holiday Dialysis International

Dialysis at Sea

Resources for caregivers

Family Caregiver Alliance

National Family Caregivers Association

National Kidney Foundation