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Freedom to Do What She Loves on Peritoneal Dialysis

Sandra Metzger

Sandra Metzger isn’t the type to let kidney disease stop her from doing anything. “If I do get down, I get right back up,” she says. A retired executive administrative assistant, Sandra spent over 30 years supporting six regional offices and the headquarters for KFC YUM—so she knows a thing or two about staying busy. Sandra loves to travel, and her long-term friendships continue to play an important role in her life.

Learning about dialysis for the first time

After her doctor discovered she had high blood pressure, a blood test confirmed that Sandra’s kidneys were only working at about 20% of normal levels. Her doctor recommended dialysis. At first, Sandra was a little upset by the idea. In-center dialysis treatments would have made it harder for her to travel and keep up with the people she loves. Fortunately, Sandra’s doctor suggested another option: peritoneal dialysis.

Peritoneal dialysis gave Sandra the flexibility she wanted

For Sandra, it was important that her dialysis treatments didn’t slow her down when taking road trips to see the country. She’s a history buff and has visited 49 of the 50 states, with only Alaska left on her list. “Each state has something beautiful to see,” says Sandra. Choosing peritoneal dialysis lets her visit more places and enjoy more freedom with her diet. She appreciates that she can complete most of her treatments while she sleeps. “You have so much more freedom,” she says.

Keeping up with treatments and her loved ones

In 2016, Sandra was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite that, she’s been able to keep up with her dialysis treatments and stay strong. Between her kidney doctor, her nurses, and her friends, Sandra has an excellent support network. Each year she visits Isla Palms in Charleston, South Carolina with her six sorority sisters. It’s a tradition that's very important to Sandra—and peritoneal dialysis helps make it possible for her to continue participating in the fun. 

October 2020


We want to hear from you if you’re living with kidney disease and thriving—or if you’re caring for someone who is. Your experience can help inspire and empower others.

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