After initially becoming popular in the 1960s with the creation of dialyzers for home use, at-home hemodialysis is experiencing a newfound resurgence. Today’s technology and advances allow for easier-to-use equipment, home delivery of supplies and blood work monitoring that's done remotely by phone. 


Whether you’re getting ready for dialysis or want to switch to a different type of dialysis, our Treatment Decision Guide can help you decide what treatment options might be best for you.
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Getting Prepared for At-Home Hemodialysis

Before starting at-home hemodialysis (HD), you and your care partner will have trained for 4 to 8 weeks with a home-training nurse on how to use the equipment. Most people will do at-home HD with a care partner, but some programs allow people to do it on their own if they are able to.

Setting up your home for hemodialysis

To do HD at home, you’ll need:
Open door icon
A clean room or other area set apart 
for your treatment
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A space for your dialysis supplies 
and dialysis machine
Additional in box icon
Additional storage space for about 
6 weeks’ worth of supplies
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A care partner who will either help or 
be with you during treatments
Your home-training nurse will help you decide where to set up your treatment area and space for storing supplies. Before you start your training program, he or she will visit you at home to help you figure out the best place for your treatments. You’ll need:

A comfortable chair or bed to use during your treatment 
(a chair will be provided as part of your equipment)
Good lighting
A telephone nearby so you can make a call 
during treatment if you need to
A bathroom drain or other plumbing 
to drain treatment fluids
The right kind of electrical outlet, which will be set up for you by your tech team, which is part of your extended treatment team
A water source
Space for your equipment and machine


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