Working Together to Stay Healthy in Stressful Times

Fresenius Kidney Care is dedicated to helping you stay healthiest and feel your best—no matter what the circumstances. The safety and wellbeing of people living with kidney disease, their care partners, and our care teams are always a top priority. 

This is what teamwork looks like:

“Thank you for listening to me and for the treatment plan your team put me on. I was almost ready to stop treatment and give up, but all of you helped me get rid of that feeling, and instead, try to return to work. You have given me a better quality of life.”

– Fresenius Kidney Care Patient in Missouri

“Fresenius Kidney Care has provided more than a sterile location to receive treatment. The staff is always smiling and engaged. One morning as I was being hooked up, the dialysis machine broke. Immediately two staff members shut off the machine, got a new one, got me hooked up...all while remaining composed and unphased. They reminded me of the tire changers during a NASCAR race. It is a pleasure to have my dialysis treatments done at your facility.”

– Fresenius Kidney Care Patient in Tennessee

“I've been back with Fresenius since 2010 and right now, I couldn’t be prouder of our company! It is evident that you truly do value your employees and care about our wellbeing. Of course, we know the mask supply is in high demand and we have been instructed to limit our quantities used, but we have them. We have everything we need to keep ourselves and our patients safe during this trying time.”

– Fresenius Kidney Care Nurse in North Carolina

“Your staff is incredible and second to none. They are extremely professional and truly care. It starts when I walk through the door and I am greeted with hellos from everyone who is working that day.”

– Fresenius Kidney Care Patient in Minnesota 

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