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Thrive On

The Importance of Getting Support

One way to thrive on dialysis—whichever type you choose—is by reaching out to people who can encourage you. Getting support from family, friends or treatment team members, like your social worker or nurse, is essential to crafting a balanced, fulfilling life on dialysis.

How to build your own dialysis support group

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    Calling all family and friends
    Who should be included in your dialysis support network? Really, anyone close to you. Make a group contact list, keep it updated and get comfortable talking about dialysis with them.
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    Talk, talk, talk—and don’t forget to listen
    Tell your family and caregivers how you feel—and ask how they’re feeling too! Good communication is a two-way street.
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    Any news is worth sharing
    Shifts in your dialysis treatment can impact everyone. Be sure to tell your family and treatment team about any changes to your routine—even if it seems small at the time.
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    Treat your social worker like a partner
    Your social worker can collaborate closely with you, your family and any other caregivers to help guide your dialysis journey. Involving her or him from the start gives everyone a chance to get comfortable working together.
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    The more everyone knows, the better
    Getting informed about chronic kidney disease and sharing resources with family, caregivers and friends can help everyone understand how to help. Consider creating an email list, group text or a private Facebook group just for updates to your dialysis support team.
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Need a group activity for your crew? Get cooking!

Bonding over food is fun for all—being in the kitchen together, swapping tips, sharing a meal. Cooking dialysis-friendly recipes can help everyone feel included.

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