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Managing Your Emotions on Dialysis

Managing your emotions.

Each step you've experienced—finding out your kidneys are failing, needing to choose a type of dialysis and the ongoing nature of dialysis itself—brings with it a series of emotions. Recognizing how normal this is—and that you're not alone and can lean on the team at Fresenius Kidney Care—can be reassuring and help you stay on your treatment plan and keep the relationships most important to you.

Five positive ways to handle emotions

  1. Share your feelings.
    Share your feelings with someone
    a friend, family member, social worker or someone you turn to for spiritual guidance. Talking with someone else will help you gain another perspective.
  2. Feel your emotions.
    Allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling
    without judging or blaming yourself.
  3. Focus on today.
    Focus on today instead of worrying about the future.
    "Being in the moment” will feel less overwhelming.
  4. Start an exercise  routine.
    Take a short, brisk walk or begin daily exercise.
    Countless studies have shown the positive emotional benefits of even the simplest exercise. Always check with your doctor before you begin any exercise program.
  5. Get support.
    Get support by building a community.
    People with chronic conditions who have strong support networks live longer and manage their health better. That’s a fact.

Embracing a positive attitude to grow

Even with a chronic condition like end stage renal disease (ESRD), you can build a better, different life. It isn’t easy to have a positive attitude all the time. In fact, no one does. So seize those times when you’re feeling good to actively look for ways to improve your health, stay close to friends and family and discover outlets like volunteering to keep growing.

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