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Creating a Dialysis Care Plan

When you’re making a plan for dialysis treatment, it may feel like there are lots of details to manage. Luckily, there’s a master plan in place to guide you through treatment and help you stay on track: Your Care Plan.

Your Care Plan is a comprehensive, fully customized outline created by your doctor that covers the aspects of your prescribed treatment—dialysis routine, medication, kidney (renal) diet, exercise and treatments for other health conditions. Following your doctor’s instructions exactly is the best way to stay your healthiest and maintain an active lifestyle—so stick to it. You’ll have support from every member of your treatment team along the way.
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You’re unique. So is your plan.

Your Care Plan is an individualized care blueprint created by your doctor and treatment team just for you. Because it’s designed to fit your exact needs and your lifestyle, it’s also designed to help you stay with treatment.
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Be active in your monthly check-ins

Every month, your doctor and treatment team will meet to review how well your Care Plan is working for you. This is the time to ask your doctor questions and tell him or her how you’re really feeling—your treatment team wants to hear what you have to say! Of course, you should always speak up if you have questions or experience any change in your health between check-ins. The more details your doctor and treatment team hear from you, the better they’ll be able to tailor your plan.
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Anything new is news

Did your doctor make a change to your Care Plan? Spread the word. Be sure to tell your care partner and your support team so they can support you as you adapt to anything new in your routine. Also, make sure your dialysis nurse knows about any changes to your medications.
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Prepare to speak up!

To help you get the most out of your monthly check-ins, take a moment to prep. Use this discussion guide to bring up topics you want to know about.
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