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Make a List. Check it Twice.

When you’re picking up food for kidney-friendly meals, it’s always good to make a shopping list. Grocery lists help you cut down on impulse foods you should probably take a pass on, as well as help keep your food bill in line. It’s also smart to shop after you’ve eaten. When hunger is a factor in your shopping decisions, kidney-friendly meal plans can go out the window.

7 ways to shop for a dialysis diet

  1. Adapt favorite recipes.

    Adapt favorite recipes
    so that you can eat foods you like—you can reduce or cut salt from most recipes.
  2. Cook ahead.

    Cook ahead for the week
    and put meal-sized portions in the freezer.
  3. Read all food labels.

    Read food labels carefully
    —some convenience foods may fit into your meal plans.
  4. Mix and match kidney friendly foods.

    Mix and match from the kidney-friendly food lists
    you get from your renal dietitian.
  5. Keep a list of kidney friendly recipes.

    Keep a list of dialysis-friendly meal ideas
    to eat in a hurry (like omelets).
  6. Keep rice and pasta on hand.

    Keep plain rice and pasta on hand
    for a tasty starchy addition to any meal plan.
  7. Store herbs, spices and salt-free seasoning.

    Store a variety of herbs, salt-free seasoning mixes and salt-free spices
    like lemon zest, paprika, curry powder, cumin and chili powder in your pantry.
Kidney friendly recipes
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Kidney-friendly cooking just got tastier! Get big-and-bold flavorful recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts on a kidney diet.

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My foods to choose
Shopping gets easier with a list of kidney-friendly foods to choose.
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