Can people on dialysis travel? Avid hiker and camper Chris Greene's story leaves you with a resounding yes. While Chris’ diagnosis came out of the blue, it didn’t stop her from finding a way to live life on her terms. Chris opted for at-home peritoneal dialysis (PD) to fit her outdoorsy Sedona lifestyle. Choosing PD not only made travel possible for Chris, it allowed her to take a dream 5,500-mile camping trip across the U.S.
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"At-home peritoneal dialysis gave me my freedom and my life."

—Laura, on dialysis since 2013
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"I love going to Lake Okeechobee. I still do the things I like to do."

—Ron, on dialysis since March 2015
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"Be active and keep going because we're here for a reason."

—Gloria, on dialysis since March 2013
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