Managing Kidney

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a progressive condition with 5 stages. Knowing your stage of CKD and following your doctor's instructions for eating well and managing any other health conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure, can help you slow progression and preserve kidney function. Learning all you can about kidney disease and taking steps to manage your physical and emotional health can help you thrive.

Managing chronic kidney disease.

Ways to care for yourself—and your best health

Get educated. Learning all you can about CKD will help you make informed treatment decisions. Consider taking our free class.

Plan ahead. Research treatment options even if you may not need them yet. Know the details of your health insurance coverage. And have a plan for what's next.

Communicate. Talk about how you're feeling—and listen to how your family feels as well. Good communication is vital to coping with CKD. Tough days may happen, but strong support will help get you through them.

Ask for help. To take the best care of yourself, you may need to reach out for more assistance than usual—and that can take some getting used to. If you have questions or feel stuck, talk to your care team. They can help support you and your family with answers.


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"This condition didn't happen overnight—you will not understand it overnight. It's a day-to-day learning. Ask questions."

Fresenius Kidney Care,
Care Team Member
Coping with CKD diagnosis.

Coping with diagnosis

Living with chronic kidney disease is a journey. Many people find diagnosis challenging to accept, embrace and act on, and it’s perfectly normal to experience all kinds of emotions—grief, fear, denial, anger, depression or feeling overwhelmed. It’s important to recognize that going through those feelings is a process, and remember that there’s support available to help you through it.

Living with CKD.

Living your fullest with CKD

While taking care of your health is a top priority, there’s also room for everything else that’s important to you. Staying active and engaged in your social life and hobbies at any stage has big benefits. When it’s time to consider treatment for ESRD, choose a treatment option that fits the lifestyle you love.

How to thrive with CKD

Newly diagnosed? Learn how to thrive with kidney disease by taking our free class. Learn kidney basics, tips on eating well and what it takes to live your fullest life.



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